For some businesses, health and safety compliance requirements can be legion, others may be able to comply with their legal duties more easily.

ARMA Risk Management Ltd can provide bespoke management solutions suitable for any size of business or budget.

How it works…

Initial Consultation

This is a free service where we establish the nature of the business, its structure and potential requirements. This is done on an entirely informal basis and amounts to a two-way chat to discuss business goals and sometimes can be distilled to something like, ‘where we are’, ‘where we want to be’, ‘how are we going to get there’.

Typically, the next stage is…

Workplace Assessment

Should a client wish to proceed with our services, one of our consultants will attend the workplace at a suitably convenient time to conduct a ‘Workplace Assessment’. This will comprise a thorough examination of work processes, management procedures, risk systems, existing control measures, amongst other things various and many. Within about a week, we will submit a comprehensive report detailing our findings. Included in this report will be priority based recommendations that will allow you to see just where your business is in terms of the management of health and safety, highlighting good practices as well as any shortfalls. Costs vary for this assessment (£150 - £500) but at the lower end would generally be small retail or personal services establishments such as hair salons etc, whereas larger engineering or manufacturing units would be at the upper end of the scale.

Once this assessment is complete and the report has been submitted, a couple of days later we will be in touch to schedule the ‘Second Phase Consultation’, should you want it…

Second Phase Consultation

This consultation forms part of the previous assessment process so there are no charges for this. We will attend site at your convenience and answer any questions you may have on the report whilst explaining in detail our findings, recommendations and potential next steps. If you feel confident you have enough information at this stage to discharge your legal (and moral) obligations, then we will consider our job done and chalk it down to a win. If you require any further support or assistance, maybe even just in the short term, we will be more than happy to discuss the various options available.

Some of the more common things that employees like us to support them in are as follows:

  • Preparation of a health and safety policy
  • Risk assessing
  • Preparation of safe systems of work
  • Auditing to monitor effectiveness of control measures and comply with ISO standard requirements
  • Implementation of bespoke management systems (these systems are ISO compliant and can cover Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management standards)
  • Procurement and installation of the correct levels of fire safety and first aid provisions and / or equipment
  • Organisation of training (we regularly work with a number of training providers, allowing us to get the best prices for you)
  • Conduct of various inspections, at varying frequencies to satisfy various legislative requirements (there are lots of them….)
  • Provision of competent advice on a dynamic basis (should something come up out of the norm, we will always be on hand to provide the most cost effective and beneficial advice or solutions)

We have compiled a brief guide on the basics of managing the health and safety within a business, which can be downloaded here and used as a handy reference.

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